New implant OUTLINK² SLIM


The new Outlink² SLIM implant, with an endosseous diameter of 3.00 mm and more than 5 years of clinical tests behind, completes the range of the Outlink² system. The 1.80 mm high coronal neck of the implant is machined, while the rest of the implant is treated with ZirTi surface for 10.00 mm, 11.50 mm or 13.00 mm. The Outlink² SLIM connection is the same of the Outlink² Ø 3.30 implant, therefore the needed prosthesis is the same for both the implant systems; similarly, the Outlink² SLIM has to be inserted using the instruments contained in the Outlink² and OneBox² surgical kits. Therefore, there is no need of additional and/or supplementary instruments.

Thanks to its reduced diameter and its self-tapping spire, Outlink2SLIM implant is recommended in case of thin crests, or in the cases in which the transversal space is reduced. Outlink² SLIM is also recommended when the clinician prefers to avoid bone-regeneration techniques of orthodontic movements.

The Outlink² SLIM implant has the multifunctional mounter already assembled. As well as the traditional carrier function for the transport and positioning of the implant, the particular conformation of the Outlink2SLIM mounter also allows it to be used as a transfer when taking the impression and as a post during the prosthetic rehabilitation. The golden colour of the mounter/post guarantees maximum results as regards the aesthetic appearance of reconstructions, and its thickness is such as to allow it to be reduced in height, if necessary, or milled.

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