Echo Plan

Kit for guided surgery

The Echo Plan surgical kit for implantology has been designed and developed to allow the users of Premium and Outlink² cylindrical implants to prepare surgical sites with the guided implantology technique.
Guided surgery is an implant treatment technique that includes the steps of diagnosis, planning and positioning. The main advantage is the possibility to plan the operation working with complete 3D views of the patients’ radiological anatomy and therefore being able to evaluate with precision the dimensions and the final position of the dental implant, as well as the availability of surgical stents that can guide the positioning of the implant, based on this planning.

The ECHO Plan kit by Sweden & Martina and the surgical instruments it contains have been designed to be compatible with the main techniques of guided implantology currently on the market (three-dimensional diagnostic software and surgical guiding masks).
At the moment the Echo Plan kit can be used with the Materialise, Simplant Anatomage, Invivo 5 Sirona, Galileos implant and Sicat implant, Dentalwings, CoDiagnostix 3Shape, Implant Studio systems.

The surgical instruments in this kit respect some “fundamental” measurements so that they can be guided precisely within specific guiding cylinders, or “sleeves”, used by the producers of the surgical masks, which are oriented according to predetermined axes and at a fixed height (of 9 mm) with respect to the crestal bone level.

The ECHO PLAN surgical kit has been designed for maximum simplicity and ergonomics. The descriptions of the instruments are screen-printed on the tray and the kit contains screw-on stops for safe use of the drills. These STOPS must be manually inserted and removed from the drills in shank → tip direction.

As well as the surgical components common to both implant systems, the ECHO PLAN kit contains a section dedicated to instruments only for Premium implants (specific bone taps, mounters and countersink drills for inserting Premium implants) and a section dedicated to instruments only for Outlink² implants (specific bone taps, mounters and countersink drills for inserting Outlink² implants). The kits can be ordered complete with the instruments for one of the two systems. In that case, the instruments necessary for the other system can be ordered separately.
All the instruments in the kit can also be ordered separately as spare parts.

Some products may not be regulatory cleared/released for sale in all markets.Please contact the local Sweden & Martina or distributor sales office for current products availability.

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