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Echo is a modular CAD-CAM system developed by Sweden & Martina.

Echo can handle the entire CAD-CAM process, from the scanning of the model to the production of the prosthetic component, or only one or more of the necessary stages, choosing the most suitable solution depending on the complexity of the case or the current production capacity of the laboratory.


The Echo system is compatible with all open CAD software applications (.stl files) for the modeling of personalized structures for natural teeth and dental implants, both cemented and screw-retained.

Libraries for the following systems are available free of charge:

- 3Shape System
- Dental Wings System
- Exocad System
- Amann Girrbach (Exocad)
- Haereus (OPEN 3Shape only)
- 3M (Dental Wings Open System only)
- Sinergia (Exocad)
- Straumann (Dental Wings Open System only)
- ZFX (Exocad)
- EGS System (Exocad)
- EGS System (DentalCad)
- Renishaw (Exocad)

The scanner

The scanner suggested by Sweden & Martina is an open system based on structured light 3D acquisition technology, guaranteeing the complete digitalization of models in only a few minutes, including any marginal areas, and it can also communicate with other software applications with an STL format.

Milling centre

The Sweden & Martina milling center is the perfect accessory for Echo to obtain final products of industrial quality, guaranteeing the same precision of prosthetic components and the use of certified materials.

The center incorporates advanced technology that allow it to acquire files from other platforms as well, and to create prosthetic components on natural teeth and structures that are mixed and compatible with the main implant connections.

In addition to the legally required warranty, Sweden & Martina will replace any components verified as being defective for a total of five years.

Scancenter service

The Scancenter service makes Echo technology available to users without a scanner.

This service needs no investments to be made, because the models complete with wax-ups are simply sent to the milling center, where Sweden & Martini personnel carry out the scanning and modeling, then sending the laboratory the finished component.

Caps and bridge structures for prostheses

The Echo software works with algorithms of the latest generation that automatically record margins with maximum precision. The new anatomical modeling functions are both flexible and practical, because they make it possible, for example, to divide a bridge into two or more sections, and to prepare a personalized setting for each element. When modeling reaches the production phase, processing is performed with high-precision industrial machines capable of guaranteeing thicknesses that are so thin in the edge areas that the result is a unique product that can be easily handled in aesthetic terms, exploiting all the control functions offered by the system.

Caps and bridge structures are available in the following materials:

- Zirconia (white, ivory and cream)
- Milled cobalt-chrome
- Sintered cobalt-chrome
- Biomedical resin for temporary prostheses
- Fiberglass

Individual posts and screw-retained crowns on Sweden & Martina platforms

Echo posts offer maximum connection precision, because they are made with the same micrometric tolerances as standard Sweden & Martina posts. Follow the workflow for an individual screw-retained prosthesis, and Echo will guide you step by step, from the acquisition of the model and implant positions through to anatomical modeling. Experiment with the automatic parallelization of posts, create a non-rotational element or personalize the chamfer on an abutment and display the screw hole and tightening dimensions, and see how these functions can make your work truly faster and easier, with aesthetic results that are the same as or even better than those that so far you could achieve with conventional laboratory techniques.

Screw-retained DIRECT BRIDGE structures on Sweden & Martina implants

You’ll be able to fully appreciate all the advantages of the Echo system when working on screw-retained structures.
The Echo system already contains a library of connections, and it creates these with the same micrometric tolerances as commercially available prosthetic components, allowing you to produce structures with high standards of quality, with greater precision and passivation. Mixed structures resting on PADs and on implants with an external hexagon can also be produced, with the insertion of additional retentive elements and the possibility of virtually testing a variety of options and to assess them with a check on immediate feasibility, protecting you against errors and wasted time.

Available in the following materials:

- Zirconia
- Milled cobalt-chrome
- Milled medical titanium
- Fiberglass

Screwable bars on Sweden & Martina implant systems

With the new design module dedicated entirely to bars you can intuitively create your structure with or without importing the wax-up, with the possibility of inserting additional retentive elements where your experience tells you they’ll be needed. The many years of collaboration between Sweden & Martina and Cendres+Metaux has made it possible to create a library of bars compatible with this famous Swiss company, allowing you to satisfy requests for both Dolder and Ackermann bars.

Screw-retained bar structures on Sweden & Martina implants are available in the following materials:

– Milled cobalt-chrome
– Milled medical titanium

Some products may not be regulatory cleared/released for sale in all markets.Please contact the local Sweden & Martina or distributor sales office for current products availability.

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Monguzzi R., Pozzi E., Franceschini F. G.


Numeri Uno, 6, 04-05, 2009

The implementation of the Echo prosthetic protocol allowed obtaining an entire meso-structure in zirconium with excellent functional and...

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