D.B.E. System

Bone expander kit

The Drill Bone Expander kit (DBE) starts from a new concept of the preparation of the implant site, which is offered on the panorama of possibilities available today as an alternative to drills and osteotomes, with the benefits of both approaches. The system calls for threaded conical tips that are fitted to a special ergonomic handle, with which they are manually screwed into the bone, causing a controlled plastic deformation of the latter without losing bone volumes, as occurs instead with drills, and without the collateral effect of blows with a surgical hammer.

The tips, designed for sites with 4 walls, are in anodized titanium in different colours that make it easy to recognize the working diameters during operation. They also have depth markings to guide the user safely.
The apex of the tips, except the first one which is used to penetrate the outermost cortical shell of the crest, is round and traumatic, so as to be able to deform and lift the sinus floor without breaking it and without causing damage to the Schneider membrane.

The ergonomic handle provides a sufficiently long levering arm to facilitate orientation of the tips in all techniques for displacing the vestibular wall. It has also been designed with a special safe and reliable connection to the tips, which do not require any auxiliary tool for inserting and removing them, so they can be managed extremely rapidly during surgery.

Some products may not be regulatory cleared/released for sale in all markets.Please contact the local Sweden & Martina or distributor sales office for current products availability.

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